Model Call Questionaire

Model Call Questionnaire 

Welcome! Thank you for applying for this role!

Note: Please fill out form completely. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

The purpose of the form is to determine if you and your family would be suitable participants for the Mother Bird Model Call as we seek to expand our Kitsap Birth Portfolio. Please be as thorough in your descriptions as possible as these details can help create the best experience tailored to you.

Thank you!

Partner Name
Partner Name
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Expected Due Date
Expected Due Date

I am able to photograph births within approx. one hour of Bremerton.

Briefly describe the type of birth you are planning. All types of births will be equally considered.

I understand if its still unknown, I just like to know as much about your birth and baby as possible.

If not applicable, please write NA

Please list names of relatives or other birth workers who will be at your birth.

Of the three sessions included in this model call, which are you *most* interested in?
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If you are not selected for this Model Call, would you like to be contacted if any future needs arises?

Would you like to be added to the Mother Bird Birth newsletter list?
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I understand that in order to participate in a Mother Bird Birth Model Call, I must sign a model release which grants the photographer the right to use and publish photos and video created during the session for any advertising, display, publication, marketing, competition and/or other business purposes. *