I was introduced to birth photography in 2013 when a friend of a friend asked me to photograph her second delivery. Like so many people, I hadn’t even heard of birth photography at the time, so I studied what few sessions I could find online before heading in for her birth. After her awesome birth, I was hooked! I loved being able to capture all the love that went into her delivery, and witness the magic and power of birth. A few weeks later she told me that she found herself looking through her birth images late at night, when things were difficult, and it helped her so much during her postpartum recovery. It gave her reassurance and empowerment. It helped her process her birth and bond with her baby. That’s when I knew I wanted to be able to offer this service to other women. Birth photography is not only a celebration of birth, but it is a valuable postpartum resource, as mothers process their birth experience. 

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I specialize in supporting families through the birth of their child, through photographing and printing their images to treasure forever. I see photography as a way to celebrate each family's unique story as well as a valuable tool for support and recovery. Children love to hear their birth stories told and retold and I love that my clients will have stunning, emotional images to share with their children when they tell them their story.

Kitsap's premier birth photographer, mother of four beautiful children and wife of my best friend, Sam. 

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deeply felt but often go unseen, or forgotten in the haze of infancy and sleep deprivation, and nearly impossible to fully convey to a young child. But seeing is knowing in this case and a birth photographer is there to capture all that goodness for families to treasure forever.

What makes the Mother Bird birth experience special is that it is designed to support families and tell a child’s whole birth story, from maternity to birth and then newborn, and even up to their first year and beyond, if parents wish. Each of the birth stories is set to music in their birth slideshow which adds another layer of emotion to the story. These slideshows are part of the special sauce of what I offer: they are meant to be shared and rewatched during the first weeks of postpartum, as parents bond and process their birth experience.

What I love most about birth photography is that it’s your real life, your beautiful memories. It’s the story of the day you met the love of your life, captured in print to remember forever. It helps with birth recovery and it also helps parents share their birth story, if they choose, so that family and friends who were not present at the birth can feel like they were there too; which helps them bond to baby as well. But best of all is that when these little babies become little kids, their birth story photos are their favorites. They love to see the special day and the special way they were born. They love to hear mom and dad tell the story and see it unfold before them one page at a time. As one client put it, “When our daughter sees the look on her daddy’s face when he first saw her, she can know, without a shadow of a doubt, just how loved and wanted she is.” Without birth photography those  magical moments are

The Mother Bird Photography Experience

I’m a proud mama of both adopted and biological kids--both our adoptions were from birth, I even got to be in the delivery room with one of them!


We are a military family, with roots in both Maryland and Washington.


I’m super into MBTI Personality Type stuff, and find it super helpful in every role of my life--wife, parent, friend, photographer! (I’m an ENFJ for any fellow enthusiasts;)


I don’t carry a purse anymore, and I love it. I just make sure all my outfits have pocket space for phone, key, and wallet--it’s so freeing! Plus my kids never ask me to hold their stuff! ;) 


I live in a little yellow house, which I adore. I would totally live in an actual tiny home if not for my four kids and 6’4’’ husband--we’re all just a smidge too big for that. But we love 'little house' living, and all the ways it brings us closer together. Even our little white dog, Polly!


My “auntie” name is Heyhey, and that’s what I have all my kid clients call me too! And I love that the silly chicken in Moana is also called Heihei!