I began my photography business as a birth photographer, documenting birth stories and offering birth support. As my clients families grew, so did I and soon branched out into portrait photography. It was easy to see how photography was such a wonderful way to celebrate all the phases of life, from maternity sessions to family portraits. I bring my documentary style into portraiture, and am able to capture clients at their best. My experience supporting clients through birth has translated seamlessly into portraiture as well. I am flexible and intuitive, putting my clients at ease through what can be an anxious experience. I am passionate as well about serving my clients through the printing experience, knowing just how important it is that their images be finished and accessible to them and their children, and not lost on a hard drive. Your Mother Bird Portraits are meant to be a treasure and part of your families narrative and legacy. 

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I specialize in photographing couples and families, in a way that celebrates each person's spirit, and printing those images to treasure forever. I see photography as a way to celebrate each clients's unique story as well as a legacy for generations to come. 

A Kitsap portrait photographer, mother of four beautiful children and wife of my best friend, Sam. 

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My own experience as a parent lead me to print-based photography. It is important for children to have images of themselves in their homes. It makes them feel loved and seen in a way nothing else does. And yet, even though I knew just how important printed images are, the demands of parenting eclipsed many of the 'to-do's'I really wanted to actually do, and it was a solid 5 years before I got around to actually printing and hanging up images of my own children for us to enjoy. Finishing images in print means that my clients won't have this same experience. 
The Pure Light experience is designed to help clients carve out a time of their lives to reflect and celebrate through portraiture. Our session time will put you at ease, and watching your slideshow of you finished images will give you all the good feels you'll remember each time you look at your finished printed images.

What I love most about portrait photography is that it’s your real life, your beautiful memories. It’s this capture of your life, captured in print to remember forever. It helps celebrate and remember the journey you are in and even share it with others. Celebrate your pregnancy with a maternity session. It's a time of your life that can feel like it lasts forever( I know!) but when it's over, it feels so fleeting. Having that maternity portrait session honors that journey in a way you can return to with warmth and joy.
Newborn sessions are a wonderful way to bit that much needed 'pause' button on a truly foggy season of life. Capturing those tiny details and moments with your baby is one of the best things you can do for your new family. Family portraiture is no different, really. It is another capture of the life of your family that is worth sharing and celebrating. 

The Pure Light Photography Experience

I’m a proud mama of both adopted and biological kids--both our adoptions were from birth, I even got to be in the delivery room with one of them!


We are a military family, with roots in both Maryland and Washington.


I’m super into MBTI Personality Type stuff, and find it super helpful in every role of my life--wife, parent, friend, photographer! (I’m an ENFJ for any fellow enthusiasts;)


I don’t carry a purse anymore, and I love it. I just make sure all my outfits have pocket space for phone, key, and wallet--it’s so freeing! Plus my kids never ask me to hold their stuff! ;) 


I live in a little yellow house, which I adore. I would totally live in an actual tiny home if not for my four kids and 6’4’’ husband--we’re all just a smidge too big for that. But we love 'little house' living, and all the ways it brings us closer together. Even our little white dog, Polly!


My “auntie” name is Heyhey, and that’s what I have all my kid clients call me too! And I love that the silly chicken in Moana is also called Heihei!