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If by “everything” you mean all the emotion, support, strength, and love that goes into every birth then yes, I photograph everything! But if you are wondering if I only take pictures of babies crowning and emerging from the birth canal, then no. I mean, I can take those images if parents want them (and I have a bunch of times!), but the real story is in all the other details, reactions, and emotions throughout the day. I will always respect a client's wishes and privacy.

Sooo...when you say you take photos of a birth do you mean you take pictures of *EVERY*thing?

Cesarean births are just like every other birth when it comes to birth photography. There is still an important story to be told, and kiddos born via cesarean still want to hear it told (ask me how I know!), and there is just as much postpartum benefit, maybe even more. Whether I get to go into the OR with you for the birth moment will be up to the hospital where you are delivering, but even if I cannot go into the OR, I will send my second camera in and between dad and helpful nurses, we will get some great images to add to your story. The OR is just one small part of your birth story that day--I will be able to capture the full story, especially those bonding and recovery moments that are so often lost in the postoperative haze. Cesarean births are amazing and I love being able to help tell those stories.

How does birth photography work if I have a cesarean birth?

It does! A lot of parents feel that way before a birth. However, from experience, my clients were always glad to have someone else there during their labor and delivery--someone to help them through labor, ask questions, and just have general ongoing support from. My style of support is intuitive and suited to each client; some clients only need me to offer kind words of support and to be more of a fly on the wall, while others welcome occasional hands-on support and I put down my camera for a bit and help out with repositioning or counter pressure. A lot of the times having an extra support person becomes super helpful right after baby is born and dad/grandma/friends are so excited and enthralled with the new baby, I make sure to stay right by mama and ensure she’s still feeling supported and connected to her baby; holding her hand through stitches or scrolling through images of baby on my camera. I understand that parents don’t want to experience birth in a crowded room of strangers, which is why I’ve designed this experience so that by the time your baby comes, I won’t be just another person in the delivery room: I will be a friend and an essential part of your birth team.

I feel like I will really want birth story photos after my baby is born, but I’m not sure I want more people in the delivery room while it’s actually happening--does that make sense?

It’s never too early! Once you have a due date and have decided you want to experience the benefits of having someone document and print your birth story for you, go ahead and email or call to get the ball rolling! This will ensure that I can reserve the on-call time leading up to your due date. And even if you are late in the game and are due soon and just decided birth photography is something you really want, make the call or send an email! I may have last minute room in my schedule to be there for you too!

When should I hire a birth photographer?

We will go over this and more at your consultation but I do not have a certain stage you have to reach before I come in. Whenever you feel you are ready for me to come, that’s when I’ll head your way. And if things slow down or you want to rest and be alone, I can always step out and come back later. I have no agenda other than to be there for you, support you and your partner, and help tell your story through photography.

How far along do I need to be in my labor before I call you in?