Allison’s Birth Session // Kitsap Birth Photographer


Allison trusted herself to make the best choice for herself and her baby, and worked with her birth team to schedule an induction. The only available time to begin the induction was in the evening, but Allison was brave and strong and went for it.  She labored all night with the help of pitocin, her nurse, her husband, and worship music. By dawn she had progressed to 3cm, and asked to have her water broken.  One hour later, during which she labored in the bed and the tub, her baby was born! Eye’s wide open, ready to greet the world…

When Allison’s labor began a song played saying “Holy Spirit you are welcome here…”
Just after her new baby was born the song was “The evidence is all around…the Spirt of the Lord is here…”
It was truly an emotionally charged delivery, a testament to Allison’s strength and faith and to the nearness of God.